Located in Wilrijk, Belgium Villa Kaplansky by B-architecten | The Hardt


Located in Wilrijk, Belgium Villa Kaplansky by B-architecten. This house, designed by the architect Nachman Kaplansky in 1934, was dramatically rebuilt in 1962. The openings for the windows were changed and nothing remained of the original interior. During the renovation, the original volume was restored and the villa was given back its grandeur. The original steel window frames could be reconstructed thanks to the original building schemes. The interior’s design is new with materials reminiscent of the thirties, such as travertine and terrazzo. The winding stairs and the fireplace are the eye catchers in the living room. In the back of the garden, there is a pond and a modern-day concrete pavilion with a fireplace.





Statuscompleted – 2011
TeamSarai Bervoets, Nele Boussemaere, Christophe Combes, Evert Crols, Ilse De Ridder, Dirk Engelen, Christoph Fischer, Sven Grooten




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