VMS House (2016) by Marcos Miguelez

VMS House (2016) by Marcos Miguelez located in León, Spain | The Hardt


VMS House (2016) by Marcos Miguelez located in León, Spain. Placed on a triangular plot on the outskirts of a small town, the house is surrounded by lands of mixed uses. A small orchard of fruit trees borders it on the one side, a small dirt road on another and a street in front of the main facade. The building is presented as a heavy body built in stone, adapted to the geometry of the plot. A small volume rests above it creating a mezzanine inside. The building reinterprets the essence of traditional masonry great thick stone walls, which solidly protects the domestic space. The interior distribution allows the dweller to live in along the natural daylight cycle: rooms at the dawn; the high windows on the south facade unveil the beauty of the landscape for the kitchen, living, study and dining room; a vertical opening on the West leads the light of dusk inside. The North facade features the accesses and cushions the lower temperatures through storage areas, laundry, and garage.




Living spaces are articulated from the mezzanine, layering the uses from the social to the private. A floating staircase gives access to the platform where the library is. An opening in the South-East corner of this attic gives way to the green roof, which thermally protects the whole of the ground floor. Lightweight internal structure, made in steal, allows an open floor plan and visual connections. Facilities are located under the slab of the ground floor, separating technical areas from everyday activities.


© Antonio Vazquez



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VMS House (2016) by Marcos Miguelez stairs portugal Marcos Miguelez León Antonio Vazquez 2016

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