Yoshino-sugi Cedar House (2016) by Go Hasegawa

Yoshino-sugi Cedar House (2016) by Go Hasegawa, located in Tokyo | The Hardt


Yoshino-sugi Cedar House (2016) by Go Hasegawa, located in Tokyo, Japan. Leading the world in the community-driven hospitality business, Airbnb is creating a new narrative with Nara Prefecture’s Yoshino town through HOUSE VISION. Using Yoshino cedar, the architect Go Hasegawa designed a house that aims to build new relationships with the area, as the community acts as the host. The first floor of this house is opened up to the townspeople as a community space—for free use. Mothers can let children play while enjoying a chat, and the elderly can stop by on their walk for a cup of tea.





The gable-roofed loft on the second floor is space provided for accommodating outside guests. After the exhibition period, the house will be brought back to Yoshino and registered on Airbnb. The reconstructed house in Yoshino will be set along the river, with the sunrise room facing east and the sunset room facing west. Travelers using Airbnb can engage more deeply with the local community. It is a house made to create new relationships between the people of the community and its visitors.


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Yoshino-sugi Cedar House (2016) by Go Hasegawa Tokyo stairs lighting japan Hotel Go Hasegawa 2016

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