Yucatan House by Isay Weinfeld

Yucatan House by Isay Weinfeld, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil | The Hardt


Yucatan House by Isay Weinfeld, located in Sao Paulo, Brazil. This concept is manifested in multiple ways such as Weinfeld’s choice of materials, wood and stone, and his ability to incorporate several species of plants and water features within the residence. The home is a finely-tuned mix of modern elements and warmth. The juxtaposition of planked wood ceilings, warm lighting, and comfortable furniture add to the homey and natural atmosphere. The Yucatan features 3 dining rooms (one casual, one formal, and one outdoors), a large living room, a library with a sofa sunken into the floor, a yoga/meditation space, and a long swimming pool.


The seven boxy volumes that make up the house are all different sizes and are each finished in different materials, including precast concrete and white painted bricks. The owners,  contemporary art collectors, they wanted a spacious, bright and informal atmosphere home where they could raise their children and see them grow in close contact with nature, while also display the various pieces in their collection.






Photos by Fernando Guerra | FG + SG



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