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Selected Art by Asher Hardt | The Hardt Paintings Asher Hardt artworkAsher Hardt is a native of Los Angeles, CA, Studio City to be more specific. Born to a privileged lifestyle, he enjoyed all the world had to offer. His story is one of battle, perseverance, and self-exploration. He had always surrounded himself with creatives, as that what piqued his interest from a young age. Asher has always had an eye for architecture. He can remember when he was a child driving around Beverly Hills with his grandmother, pointing out houses he enjoyed. It was that fond memory that eventually nudged him onto the path he is currently on. One of endless self-exploration, and constant learning curves. Having always opted for the “learn the hard way” approach, which almost has consequences, however, Asher tries not to look at as a negative experience. He has adopted the “never lose, you either win or learn” approach. The “hard way” approach has also given Asher a seemingly bottomless well from which to draw his inspiration.Selected Art by Asher Hardt | The Hardt Paintings Asher Hardt artwork

Asher has always had an immense appreciation for all things with understated elegance. From Brunello Cuccinelli’s timeless cashmere sweaters to Lucio Fontana’s famous slit paintings, its the minimalist almost invincible aesthetic, which requires a keen eye and a fundamental understanding of composition, he is most passionate about. As Mie van der Rohe famously said, “Less Is More’ that is the basis for all of Asher’s art. As it’s his ability to channel his subconscious that allows him to let his intuition guide him. He will almost never approach a canvas (most of the time found scrap wood) with a preconceived idea. Every time he has done so, in his handful of months as a serious artist, the outcome is less than desirable.

If you’d like to continue reading about my life, I have decided to release part 1 of I guess you’d call it my autobiography. It is an extremely intimate expose of my life up until a certain point, written in the third person, by me. Click here to read PART ONE  




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Selected Art by Asher Hardt | The Hardt Paintings Asher Hardt artwork

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