Filling Spaces by Frederico Picci

Filling Spaces by Frederico Picci


In his visionary photographic series Filling Spaces, graphic designer and practiced pianist Federico Picci imagines music as tangible, blushed-colored bubbles. The images reflect the feelings we all share when listening to music, and Picci’s dreamy spheres take over the empty space with their ethereal presence.





Picci’s own experiences as both a musician and an artist inspired him to create the special series that takes over the secret, sunlit space. “This concept started as a personal study on the connection between light and space,” he explains. “I tried to show how something immaterial like music can fill the room with its beauty.” When playing the piano, Picci regularly wonders what certain tones, notes, and tunes would look like if they were visually perceptible. “I always try to imagine how the music that I play might have shape, a color, a mass or even a smell,” he explained to Artistic Odyssey. “As a human being, we are unable to see it, but we can actually feel it through our infinite imagination.





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