My interest in Social Media started when I noticed how social metrics could be used to enhance end-user experiences. Analytics is the name of the game, and all the major social media players are well versed in delivering those analytics in any number of ways. You have the 3rd party developers who make plugins and apps that promise to show you the key metrics you’ve been missing and help you make a fortune. Reality is, whether its Facebook, Instagram, twitter, etc. their API structure will only allow developers to take so much data (thanks facebook) and usually its pretty much the same story,  popular posts, +/- daily/weekly/annual followers, most popular hashtags, etc. Don’t get me wrong having the data on all those metrics is hugely helpful, especially if you understand how to read and react to it. And it actually very well might be able to make you a fortune or at the very least get you over the hump to that all important 100 like/1,000 follower threshold.


WILL SPAM BE THE END OF FACEBOOK? Pinterest Instagram facebook branding

A website Ithat was once in my toolbox bookmark is socialrank.com. They used to have the ability to deliver specific metrics that made a major difference like “most influential follower” which helped when trying to figure out who to interact with more and which accounts should be “pillars of your connections”. Losing that function when Facebook adopted new API policies was a major blow to my social media branding efforts. It forced me to regroup and find some sort of replacement metric for that invaluable metric. My brand receives anywhere from 100-2,000 new followers/week on the major platforms. It is time-consuming to curate quality engaging content and build out a website, I simply don’t have the time to check every follower I get, to see if they would be someone I should focus my energy on and try to collaborate with or simply give a follow back and keep an eye on. When Facebook changed their API requirements earlier this year, SocialRank lost their ability to provide the “influencer follower” feature. You can still use their twitter “influencer follower” feature, but that is of little interest to me as I don’t focus much of my energies on that platform. As it stands right now, Instagram Stories is still my best source of meaningful social media traffic to this site followed closely now by Pinterest. I expect Pinterest to soon overtake the top spot as I continue to mold this brand on the platformWILL SPAM BE THE END OF FACEBOOK? Pinterest Instagram facebook branding



I hadn’t really focused much of any energy on growing my Pinterest audience. To be honest, I thought of the platform as being geared more toward the female variety and my analytics from various platforms indicated to me that my audience is a 60/40 split with 60% men. Boy, was I wrong.  My profile laid dormant for months, with the occasional pin here and there for TheHardt.com. A month ago I started noticing something happening with Instagram that made alarm bells go off in my head. Much like every other user on the various social platforms, I would get spam followers/likes/comments and message requests. They never really bothered me much, as they would appear sparingly. This has made a dramatic shift recently. I have started receiving a ridiculous amount of spam followers and message requests. My Instagram account has been bombarded with so much spam that I rarely even look at my DM’s anymore. This is a major major major problem for Instagram parent company Facebook. 


There are so many different numbers for total users on Facebook, some have at 2 billion some have it a little less but the consensus is that it can’t grow any larger, there simply aren’t enough people in the world. You couple an inability for a bloated company to grow with its star child athlete ( aka Instagram) suddenly hanging out with the bad kids (spammers), you get a gap in the market. No one in the industry knows what’s going to happen better than Pinterest, as it appears they are gearing up to grow exponentially, or at least that is my belief.
Like I said earlier, I had never paid much attention to Pinterest, for me it was just the social platform that everyone knows about, has an account they don’t remember the password to, and sometimes uses but it didn’t have that glamour aspect, the verified badges and such. Well, Pinterest has slowly been rolling out their metrics dashboard and I gotta say, I feel like this platform is about to be a major player in not only the social landscape but the advertising community as well. The analytics being made available rival that of Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel except its analytics are strictly for your profile and not for your website. But still, there is much to gain here. If you think about it, Pinterest is Instagram but without the necessary caption. The one glaring bonus Pinterest offers is the “on media” link feature is known as a “pin” which is typically deep linked to whatever the original source of the content was. Instagram has stories which if you’re popular enough (have 10k+ followers) you can introduce a URL of your choosing. I understand the desire to limit the use of this feature to users with 10k+ followers as a way to it out of the hands of bots.
Almost every media outlet that covers social media, has their own take on the hugely problematic “fake news” situation that Facebook has. But there is an underside to that belly and that is the spam and in a lot of ways that could wind up being the real story. Facebook is a massive 2 billion user platform, so I would be foolish to think it is simply going to disappear because it’s not. It has become more than a social platform, it has become a primary tool for people the world over to communicate. 
Facebook is going to fall, and with it will go Instagram as well (hopefully Instagram won’t fall too hard, as it’s personally my favorite) It’s already happening and it’s almost to a point (much like global warming), where the momentum of the fall is no longer reversible and all you can do is wait till you land. Something is going to have to fill the gap Facebook will inevitably create. It’s my belief that Pinterest will be the big winner here. Everything seems lined up just right for Pinterest to make the massive push into a larger role in the social media market. Pinterest is currently ranked 76 in the world according to Alexa.com and I for one will be keeping a close eye on it. Obviously, I am referring to the Amazon-owned Alexa.com traffic rankings, the de-facto traffic ranking source for the internet. 
Anyways, I have comments disabled because of the constant spam I receive and I am not interested in using another plugin to combat that. However, if you found this article to be informative or would like to argue a different point, send me an email asher@thehardt.com with the subject WILL SPAM BE THE END OF FACEBOOK?