Antonio Solá (2012) by DCPP Arquitectos

Located in Mexico City, Mexico, Antonio Solá (2012) by DCPP Arquitectos | The Hardt


Located in Mexico City, Mexico, Antonio Solá (2012) by DCPP Arquitectos. Antonio Solá is an apartment building located in Condesa, in Mexico City. The plot is rectangular and its dimensions are 30 ft x 90 ft (9 x 27 m). The street where it is located has very scarce vegetation. We sought to establish an urban and visual relation with nature, generating a bond and connecting the existing green areas of the urban context. The project was solved creating a façade that will be completely covered with vegetation, creating a direct link between building and nature.




This vegetation brings very particular spatial qualities to the exterior as well as the interior of the building. At the same time, it works as a filter for light since the plot is oriented to the west and the sun enters during the afternoon. This curtain of vegetation was also created to give more privacy to the apartments. All the building is open towards a patio oriented south. This patio is contained by the green since the vegetation from the façade surrounds it and integrates to it.


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Antonio Solá (2012) by DCPP Arquitectos Onnis Luque mexico lighting DCPP Arquitectos

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