Basilica (2011) by Fabio Fantolino

Situated in Turin, Italy, Basilica (2011) by Fabio Fantolino | The Hardt


Situated in Turin, Italy, Basilica (2011) by Fabio Fantolino. Numerous details of the apartment give a vintage look to the environment; where the original floor is in fair condition is in fact preserved and restored, and flanked by new insertions in resin concrete, contributes to give a retro flavor. The walls in plasterboard and white bricks complete the contrasts between ancient and new. Boiserie and furnishings in scarred oak and burnished sheet metal, create a three-dimensional effect, with warm contrasts in the brushing of wood and cold in black iron.





The sleeping area has a bed reminiscent of canopies, geometrically recreated with black iron shapes, which has a mid-hanging wardrobe in the background, which reconnects the bedroom area to the rear walk-in closet. Wardrobes are always treated as full volumes that do not see continuity between rooms, but rather want to lead from one room to another, giving union to environments.


Photos by Chiara Cadeddu



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Basilica (2011) by Fabio Fantolino lighting italy Fabio Fantolino Chiara Cadeddu

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