Casa PI (2015) by Munarq

Casa PI (2015) by Munarq located in Sa Cabaneta, Spain | The Hardt





Casa PI (2015) by Munarq located in Sa Cabaneta, Spain.

Acoustic Wall

The premise of the project is to create an acoustic barrier to the minoritized acoustic impact that provides urban road next to the house.

It maintains the facade looks introverted with the street and the house opens only to the south.



Mediterranean Architecture

The house used to construct from the characteristic features and the Mediterranean house.

Bearing walls, small openings, porch to south facade coating of lime, stone walls and pitched roofs with tile Mother and Arabic.

The creation of patios helps us maintain privacy locking interior views veïns

>Al being a house of urbanization, acoustic and visual barriers between neighbors are very important in terms of life outside the house.

Low-impact Eco-friendly Materials

Another starting point is the use of materials with low impact to nature and avoids building elements harmful to human beings, and therefore try to avoid the use of concrete as insulation portlant artificial walls are replaced by block ceramic and natural cork insulation.



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