F-House by Kubota Architect Atelier

F-House by Kubota Architect Atelier, located in Yamaguchi, Japan | The Hardt


F-House by Kubota Architect Atelier, located in Yamaguchi, JapanThe concrete panel of this house, whose form appears to be derived from a folded piece of paper, brings in the scenery of the surrounding mountain, while the visibility from the exterior in shut on the other side, from the roadside. Although the maximum height of the building is 4.75m and its exterior appears to be quite compact, its interior space has a large volumetric capacity. The reason for applying such form language is to provide an experience of realizing your perception extending over the cliff and the scenery of it’s beyond by standing inside of the building. The sharply cut end of the panel, the deeply extending eaves, the glass fixing details reducing the visibility of lines-all those are done to produce such experience. I essentially think that a house will be better to be a quite and a casual space for spending daily lives. Then, this building is completed by overlaying the beauty of the surrounding nature that constantly changes.


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