Marin County Residence (2004) by Dirk Denison Architects

Marin County Residence (2004) by Dirk Denison Architects located in California, USA | The Hardt


Marin County Residence (2004) by Dirk Denison Architects located in California, USA. This house is designed on one level to provide a barrier-free environment and to capitalize on the potential for an internalized landscape. The plan is based upon an irregular grid, which informs all elements of its composition. Each programmatic function is contained within an individual building to respond to its specific needs. This enables each space to form a distinct relationship with its own courtyard or garden. The ceiling plane is fractured and folded along a diagonal pattern, exploring the interplay of light in unique ways.




These spatial volumes are bound together by an enclosing perimeter wall, which creates a single form out of a village of buildings and landscapes. The irregular pattern of openings in this simple wall hints at the home’s underlying geometry and expresses the various functions contained within.


Photos: Joshua McHugh



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