Owl House (2017) by BAAG

Located in Gonnet, Argentina, Owl House (2017) by BAAG | The Hardt


Located in Gonnet, Argentina, Owl House (2017) by BAAG Within the framework of the housing loan program Pro.Cre.Ar, the project is being implemented in the outskirts of the city of La Plata (Prov. Bs. As.) In a still undeveloped area. It is part of the double challenge of colonizing an extensive land expanding a house that could not surpass 1,400  ft² (130 m²), but considering the future consolidation of the fabric and its urban responses.



In addition, it was proposed to create outdoor spaces with different atmospheres: a more contained interior patio but in turn, the house will take advantage of the ground and the liberated view. Faced with the frequency of flooding of the site and the proximity of a stream, the need to raise part of the house was raised. In this way, the public and the private part (bedrooms) articulated by a single roof slope are divided. The house is made up of the combination of an industrialized and standardized system (a structure of metal profiling makes support) that accelerates the construction times by responding to the terms required by the credit, and a masonry system that allows to use the hand of local work.




A series of brick modules defined according to their orientation make up combined walls of exposed bricks and hollow ceramics, generating insulating walls to the south and accumulators to the north. These modules of bricks arranged in tambourine and a series of regulated winnowing, prioritize the thermal conditioning and calibrate the openings towards the patio and the views to the exterior forming the envelope of the house.\ via ArchDaily



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