Quinta dos Pombais by Opera | Design Matters

Quinta dos Pombais by Opera | Design Matters located in Castelo de Vide, Portugal. The awesome site and landscape were the inspiring themes for this house. The deployment of the house comes from the imposition of the polygon with the removal of 164 feet (50 meters) to the extreme limits, maintenance of all trees and seeking views privileged obtained from altimetry 417,00. The program follows the guidelines of the owners with the possibility of future expansion for 2 more rooms (for tourist exploitation). The house is carried out in three levels, with the aim of integrating as much as possible in the landscape and “follow” the natural inclination of the terrain. The location of the guest rooms on the lower level, oriented to the East, allows to separate the private area and also the future expansion of this area. The stone used in the exterior walls was from the extracted foundations and the “wood box” used thermowood, a natural and low maintenance cladding.




Photography by João Morgado



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