Residential Building in Bläsiring (2012) by Buchner Bründler Architekten

Residential Building in Bläsiring (2012) by Buchner Bründler Architekten situated in Basel, Switzerland | The Hardt


Residential Building in Bläsiring (2012) by Buchner Bründler Architekten situated in Basel, Switzerland. Everything from one piece: the multi-family house makes in-situ concrete the central protagonist. The longitudinal wooden cladding creates a haptic surface structuring in the interior and exterior. Even parts of the furniture are cast in concrete.




Almost archaic, the tower rises between two small neighboring houses in the Matthäus quarter in Basel. Although the contrast between modern architecture and the adjacent structure is striking, in a regional context, the exposed concrete building with its five stories and attic story blends in well with the surrounding cityscape. The 20 ft (6 meters) thin plot required a vertically staggered design as a structurally efficient solution. In the nested triplex units are two apartments, each with a private entrance, as well as access to the garden and the terraces. The elongated floor plans, every 775 ft² (72 m²) are illuminated only by the south and north façades, the longitudinal walls are closed. Shelves or sliding doors create open thresholds and ensure the zoning of the rooms. The room-high windows with oak window frame direct the light into the interior and emphasize the rectangular floor plan. In addition, luminous tubes are attached to the ceiling edges for lighting the living spaces, highlighting the haptic surface structure of the in-situ concrete walls. The entire house looks like a one-stop shop. The prints of the vertical formwork elements are visible and show their wood structure and fiberization. The integrated furniture such as kitchen shelves or bathtubs is also cast in-situ concrete and blend into the overall structure of the house as a homogeneous volume.


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