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Wakaka Temporary Store by Penda, located in Tianjin – China. Architecture studio Penda has designed a retail outlet for Wakaka, a Chinese mobile app developer, formed from carefully arranged wooden boxes. The team was commissioned to conceive a temporary store to display the client’s gadgets and advertise its apps. This brief resulted in a design which bridged virtual and physical worlds, connecting visitors to their online store.


The boxes form a modular arrangement, designed to represent digital pixels. The units have been coupled together to form a continuous landscape that spans the length of the store. Each box serves as a frame to display products and can be readily adapted in a multitude of ways to meet the demands of the client. All 2,000 pieces were prefabricated before being delivered to the site, where they were assembled in less than 10 hours.


The current configuration is a temporary pop-up store in the Chinese city of Tianjin. After seven months, the store will be dissembled and all its parts relocated to six smaller outlets across both Tianjin and Beijing. As the shop moves, its ‘pixels’ will be reassembled in a variety of different configurations depending on each location’s characteristics and functions. The fully modular, prefabricated design seeks to offer a great degree of flexibility while providing a pleasant and habitable environment for guests and staff.






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Wakaka Temporary Store by Penda Popup Shop Penda China

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