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Get Noticed By My Top 60 Worldwide Home Design and Decor Influencer Audience On Instagram. Reach 10,000’s Of The Exact People You’ve Been Looking For. Welcome To The Stage



Learn how best to grow your audience in the digital space and engage your organically grown audience with consistent messaging. Just like all our other services, everything is highly tailored to each client. Feel free to reach out here to learn more and ask any questions


Long Gone Are The Days Of Massive Companies Controlling The Commercial Sector. The Tools That Are Readily Accessible To Companies Big And Small Have Thoroughly Marginalized That Gap. Building A Brand Image In The Digital Space, With An Aggressively Targeted Marketing Plan Is Not Only Imperative But Doing It At The Same Level As The “Big Companies” Is Now Possible. Your Brand Should Always Have A Consistent And Persistent Approach In Regard To Your Message.

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The Hardt is also a multi-platform content publishing and curation website with social branding weekly reach of over 200k and over 1.5M weekly impressions. We offer branding and social media consulting, web design, and on-demand project features.

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Standard Single Post Feature On Instagram ONLY
Instagram Feature Post
Link To All Social Platforms
Feature On The Website
Sponsored Instagram Ad
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Best Deal
Feature On ALL Social Platforms
Sponsored Facebook Ad (Instagram)
Featured Project On Website
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2 Seperate Posts On Social Media
Feature Project On All Social Platforms x2
Feature Complex Slider On Homepage Of Website
Dedicated Facebook Ads (Instagram Ads) Budget
Access To Google Adwords Database and Audience
Feature on Instagram Stories

You can learn more about my design and development services here


Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Know That My Project Will Be Reached/Seen By As Many Users As Possible?

Once we have made the decision to work together and form a partnership, we will give you a number of different details relating to, best post times, hashtags, demographics, etc. Every client is different, and as such, every client has different needs and wants. I try to make everything The Hardt, not only as transparent as possible but also as tailored to each client as possible as well.

What Makes ‘The Hardt‘ Stand Out From The Rest Of The Instagram Design, Architecture, and Design Accounts?

There are too many to list here, so I will just give you the biggest reason, The Hardt website. This website in its current form has seen a massive rise in it’s “Alexa Rating” going completely unknown (ranked over 12M) to in the top 120k sites in the world. That growth from January 2018- Present. Based off of several algorithms and statistical patterns, I have been able to forecast that The Hardt will continue its growth over next 6 months. Right now is as good a time as there will be for you to get involved of which there are many ways, which I will cover later in this FAQ section

What Are The Best Ways For Me To Get Involved In What The Hardt Is Doing?

There are a number of ways you can get involved ranging from being an investor, which will garner you the most involvement, or you can submit an application for an internship. If you’re an architecture student/professor, artist, or even a venture capitalist looking for your next project, I can promise you, this will be an interesting brand for you to keep an eye on. Consider the fact that I have not invested a dime into this brand, and have taught myself how to do every aspect of what you see within the last year… Well let’s just say once the proper source of capital and/or a significant strategic partnership is secured, you can expect The Hardt aka Hardt App to go into the accelerated phase of the expansion.

What Can I Expect From The Hardt In The Near Future?

Currently, I am focused on totally optimizing the “flow” and configuration of the site. That’s being wrapped up as we speak. The next project will be building a forum, where we will all be able to make introductions and debut our latest and greatest projects to our peers. Along with the forum, there will be the release of a subscription, from which you will have an opportunity to learn what goes into building an architectural, design art or really any creative brand in the digital space, with an emphasis on social media.

How Many People Currently Work At The Hardt?

As it stands currently Asher Hardt is the sole employee/founder, meaning I wear many different hats. Responsibilities range from digital advertising to digital branding integrated with social analytics, to SEO to Amazon AWS + Cloudfront etc the list is pretty extensive so if you’d like more details hit me up below. Since I have no background in web design or development, I am constantly evolving, and learning, because when things break or the site or the site slows down, I need to fix it, I can’t afford to hire someone else to fix things yet (At this point not sure I would if I could). These budget limitations will be resolved in the near future as The Hardt‘s digital presence continues to expand.

Is There A Way To Package The Web Design With The Social Media Services?

This is one of the more popular questions I’ve been asked recently, and the answer isn’t a definitive one. Every client is unique with each having specific needs they are looking to have met. That being said, the answer will most likely be Yes in almost any case I can think of. Packaging the web and social together is most likely best used for brands or young companies looking to gain the upper hand on the competition from the get-go. This package would almost certainly require a full-time commitment for several months while I build out the platform from which you will continue growing your brand long after I have completed the initial development. Learn more about my web design services here

What Would Be A Good Example Of Anticipated Reach For My Project?

Typically, I don’t like to speculate and give out numbers, with little to no information. That being said, our single Instagram posts have a net average reach of roughly 25k+ unique users with likes currently averaging a little over 2k and comments at 14 per post, respectively.

How Do I Submit and What If I Don’t Hear Back Right Away?

Submitting is very easy and straightforward. Simply click here and follow the instructions on the page. If you don’t hear back right away, please understand, I am one person, and will do my absolute best to get back to you. That being said, only accepted projects will receive responses. I apologize in advance if that seems a little harsh, but its a matter of efficiency more than anything else.


You can learn more about my design and development services here

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