Sonnesgade 11 (2016) by SLETH Architects

Sonnesgade 11 (2016) by SLETH Architects

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Sonnesgade 11 (2016) by SLETH architects located in Sonnesgade 11, Aarhus C, Denmark | The Hardt


Sonnesgade 11 (2016) by SLETH architects located in Sonnesgade 11, Aarhus C, Denmark. As the city of Aarhus prepares for 2017, a number of urban districts are being transformed from industry to modern city districts. One of the main cultural venues in 2017 will be Godsbanen – a new lively and cultural district on the old freight terminal area. The new mixed building by SLETH is situated nearby Godsbanen and reflects the transformation from industry to the lively cultural urban district. The starting point for the design of the new office building is an ambition to reuse and rethink spatial and material quality on the former industrial site. The new building is directly grounded on the original underground industrial constructions, which acts as the building’s foundation.



The building consists of 3 stacked layers of 50 meters long office floors supported by a core wall. Underneath the office floors, where the sloping terrain defines an opening, the restaurant is located facing the street. The parking garage and a wine retailer is located under the sloping landscape. The building has a high degree of flexibility and interaction between the floors, which enhances the meeting situations between different users of the building. The individual floors are open, flexible working environments with the service functions integrated as a single architectural element in the eastern facade of the building.



Around the building, the sloped asphalt terrain is forming the outdoor areas for terraces, bikes, and gardens. The building´s expression is a collage of elements reflecting the surroundings with 6 facades creating a dialogue with the mixed vague context. The project itself is a 1:1 realization of the architecture and challenges of the office SLETH as both landowners, developer, and architects – based on the potential of Sonnesgade. Product Description. The building features a large range of standard industrial materials: glass, steel, concrete. As a contrast to the hard industrial materials, the custom-made doors and furniture (both inside and outside) are done in oak and similar warm materials. 


© Rasmus Hjortshøj / C O A S T  



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Oliver Gustav Showroom in Copenhagen

Oliver Gustav Showroom in Copenhagen

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Oliver Gustav Showroom in Copenhagen | The Hardt

Oliver Gustav is a creative consultant with a focus on aesthetic development, art, interior and exterior design. He creates spaces that convey a quiet and yet dramatic atmosphere, where the stark and modern are contrasted against rare antique finds and exquisite curiosities. Oliver Gustav loves the Nordic light and his entire color range is inspired by it. To preserve it even when the darkness comes, he has installed electric light sources that give 97 percent natural light.


The monochrome color palette and touch of detail for detail has become his signature, and his beautiful environments and selected items are featured on mood boards around the world. Different outstanding pieces and a beautiful mix of materials are the main ingredients for the showroom, linen sofa’s, antic wooden furniture pieces from China, great pieces by Rick Owens lighting by Apparatus, and different pieces by Dutch designer Jan Janssen. His latest work is the ‘Extrusion Coffeetable No1 in casted aluminum


Wichmann + Bendtsen Photography

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Brick House (2014) by LETH & GORI

Brick House (2014) by LETH & GORI

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Brick House (2014) by LETH & GORI located in Nyborg, Denmark | The Hardt


Brick House (2014) by LETH & GORI located in Nyborg, Denmark. LETH & GORI’s Brick House is a project that creates innovation by reinventing history. By revisiting materials and solutions from historic houses which have proven to be robust and have a long lifespan a new type of contemporary sustainable house is created. Brick House is part of a development project titled Mini-CO2 houses initiated by the philanthropic foundation Realdania. The goal of Realdania’s project is to develop affordable sustainable houses with a low CO2 footprint. A total of six houses have been built on a site in Nyborg Denmark. Each house with a different approach to how CO2 reduction can be achieved for example by focusing on materials and building techniques or by focusing on aiding the inhabitants to reduce CO2.




Brick House has two main objectives; to create a house which is maintenance free for 50 years, and to create a house with a lifespan of minimum 150 years. Brick House is based on a vision of a house that is alive and can breathe. This vision is realized by reducing the wall construction of the house to one material; clay. By using clay blocks and bricks a solid and homogeneous and first of all simple outer wall is created. This outer wall is diffusion-open thus allowing the building to breathe just like the traditional solid brick houses that have proven to last. In addition, the reduction to one wall material reduces the number of joints between different materials and the potential building mistakes that these joints traditionally causes. The solid brick walls result in a robust and healthy house with a long lifespan, good indoor climate, and low maintenance.



Brick House rediscovers knowledge and techniques from traditional brick houses in Denmark. Especially the houses from the era of the National Association for Better Building Traditions [Bedre Byggeskik] from the beginning of the 20’est century has served as examples. As the name suggests these houses have a strong focus on creating buildings that are built well with good technical solutions, craftsmanship, and materials. Brick House uses the same principles to build a contemporary home with a long lifespan thus adapting the best of historic buildings but at the same time integrating new knowledge and techniques. The result is a house that radiates qualities of architecture and craftsmanship.




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