House 2LH (2016) by Luciano Kruk

House 2LH (2016) by Luciano Kruk

House 2LH (2016) by Luciano Kruk located in Tigre, Argentina | The Hardt


House 2LH (2016) by Luciano Kruk located in Tigre, Argentina. The client – a medium-scale construction company – carried out a market study on the housing demands of the average socio-economic class in the northern area of Greater Buenos Aires. When finding scarce in the commercial offer of houses of constructive and architectural quality -for which there is a great demand-, he decides to commission the Study the design of a prototype of housing capable of being replicated: the Casa 2HL.


The housing commissioned would have to be configured in a single plant. It had to adapt to lots of medium dimensions (17 to 20 m wide by 35 to 40 m deep approximately) and its footage could not exceed 170 m² total. The program -established by the client- should respond to the needs of a family type: a social area composed of a living-dining-kitchen, a master bedroom served by a bathroom en suite, two secondary bedrooms with shared bathroom, local service, solarium, pool, and barbeque.




In response to these requirements, the Study proposes a dwelling contained in a pure prism organized on a modular grid of 1×1 m, of lateral en-suite mostly paraments and open to the front and the quiet part of the building. The distribution of the spaces around a central patio was proposed, which would not only help to illuminate the interior circulations but also -for its plant layout- to generate cross ventilation through all the premises of the house. The selection of materials was made with the intention of prioritizing the control of costs and their speed and constructive practicality. Instead of the traditional exposed concrete used in our homes, we used the masonry of load-bearing hollow brick; and instead of the smoothed cement floor, it was decided to coat them with 1×1 m plates of cement-like termination porcellanite.


In order to preserve the privacy of the front bedrooms -without these losing the views to the outside- and to protect them from the direct incidence of the sun, an artifact was constituted by vertical shutters and a hardwood pergola, structured by profiles of double steel T. A similar resource was used to create a gallery in the quiet part of the building that served as an expansion to the master bedroom and the social area. With the purpose of emphasizing the luminosity and spaciousness of their spaces dimensions, we suggest a chromatically clear interior, while for the exterior we proposed a darker finish, able to dialogue without competition with its natural environment. The first house of the series was built in 2016 in the neighborhood of La Comarca (neighbor to Nordelta) in the Tigre Party of the Province of Buenos Aires.



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Casa Gres by Luciano Kruk

Casa Gres by Luciano Kruk

Casa Gres by Luciano Kruk located in Itauna, Minas Gerais, Brazil | The Hardt


Casa Gres by Luciano Kruk located in Itauna, Minas Gerais, Brazil. This 1,937 ft² (180 m²) project starts from the request of a client who already had made another project of a summer house several years before, so he knew how we work at the Studio. This person now lives in Brazil with her partner, developing both a life based on the production and teaching of handmade pottery and they asked us to project a home-atelier, with two differentiated sectors, but where the sector of the house could receive exhibitions of ceramic pieces. The land is located in a semi-rural area outside of the small town of Itauna, some 80km from Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. The area is mountainous and has an exuberant vegetation, so the whole land is completely filled with different species of native tall trees and another type of lower vegetation.




The project aimed to preserve and utilize the magnificent vegetation, incorporating it into the house and the atelier, through strategically located patios for the organization of the various fields, separating the atelier of the rest of the house also sectorizing the bedroom area. For the work to be built without problems, given its distance away from the Studio that prevents us from making a normal track of it, we simplify the project as much as possible, so for this work we thought it as two parallel slabs of exposed concrete, one for the floor to be about rising about 50cm of the ground, and the other forming the roof, supported by a grid of steel columns, which get it included in the perimeter of the glass enclosures. For the divisions inside the house, we developed a series of wooden panels of simple construction. Part of the fixed equipment (desks, countertops, desks) was also designed in reinforced concrete to reduce costs.


Collaborators: Belén Ferrand – Ekaterina Allaria – Andrés Conde Blanco



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S+J House by Luciano Kruk

S+J House by Luciano Kruk

S+J House by @lucianokruk  Luciano Kruk situated in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Located in a forested area, this house was made as a vacation and rental home for two families. There are two levels of the home separating the social areas from the sleeping areas. The house is made almost entirely from board-formed concrete, creating lines of texture on the concrete resembling wood. Minimalist in design, the house is tucked neatly behind the trees.

A set of simple concrete stairs leads you to the first level of the house, while the second set of stairs takes you to the upper level, home to the bedrooms. An open area between the sections of the house allows trees to grow from the center of the home with glass windows on either side.



Inside, the living room is minimally decorated with the floor-to-ceiling windows being the most important aspect of the room. A brown upholstered couch sits beside a black fireplace.

Clerestory windows allow light to bounce off the concrete walls and ceiling making the room brighter. Matte black cabinetry matches the black window frames throughout the house.

In the dining room, three black and silver minimalist pendant lights anchor the black dining set in place. A window that travels halfway up the wall gives a glimpse of the forest.

Just outside the living and dining room is a small balcony that provides extra space for socializing outdoors. If you take the stairs down from the balcony and go to the side of the home, you can see into the dining area.

Back inside and upstairs, this minimally decorated bedroom with a partial wood accent wall, has an elevated view of outside through the large framed window.


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