Tetsuka House (2003-2005) by John Pawson

Tetsuka House (2003-2005) by John Pawson

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Tetsuka House (2003-2005) by John Pawson, situated in Tokyo, Japan | The Hardt


Tetsuka House (2003-2005) by John Pawson, situated in Tokyo, Japan. This design for a compact site in a suburb of Tokyo, the office’s first realized the domestic project in Japan, takes the form of a rectangular box containing living quarters, a room dedicated to the rituals of the traditional tea ceremony and a double-height courtyard open to the sky. The concrete envelope is tinted to reflect the internal division between floors and animated by openings. These apertures frame a series of meticulously edited vistas out of the building that become part of the landscape of the interior. The exaggerated length of the wall leading to the entrance brings quiet theatre to the experience of arrival. Project Team Shingo Ozawa


Photography Hisao Suzuki

N-House (2012) by Takato Tamagami

N-House (2012) by Takato Tamagami

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Located in Tokyo, Japan, N-House (2012) by Takato Tamagami | The Hardt


Located in Tokyo, Japan, N-House (2012) by Takato Tamagami. Tunnel-like entrance corridor leads you to double-height stair hall with sunlight from high side windows. You experience continuous flow of space from dark to light, and it extends into space beyond. Gravel garden, which is covered by the volume above, is located in the middle of the stairs. It is a half-exterior space connecting the street and the courtyard, and from the road, the front facade looks like floating above it. We regard this space as “raised garden” which can be used as a kind of gallery space.


This is a two-generation family housing situated on high ground in Tokyo metropolitan area. The housing is composed of two interlocked volumes of A-House and B-House.  We intend to provide completely different spatial sequences in both houses. The site is 15m(width) x 30m(length), long in south-north direction. Church, which is mainly used as a facility for wedding parties, is located on the west side. We created a U-shaped volume and a courtyard in the middle, in order to get enough sunlight from all directions.




Exterior finish is white cement plaster exposed aggregate finish with coral sand. The white volume sits on the basement, where separate entries to both houses and garage are located. On the second floor, studio with a ceiling height of 4m is situated. It is soundproof and equipped with shading screens and movie projector screen, so they can enjoy movies and play musical instruments there. There is also a study behind a glass partition, so you can work there and enjoy a movie at the same time. The top floor is allocated for a spacious living room, which is 100 m2 in floor area, stretched in a south-north direction. By bending the plan in wide v-shape, they can fully enjoy the urban panorama of Tokyo: Roppongi Hills towards the north, Tokyo Tower towards the east and beautiful sunset over the city towards the west.

© Masaya Yoshimura



Aesthetically and Geographically Related Projects:



Courthouse in Narita-e (2009) by Jun Murata Architects

Courthouse in Narita-e (2009) by Jun Murata Architects

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Courthouse in Narita-e (2009) by Jun Murata Architects located in Tokyo, Japan | The Hardt


(Translated from Japanese)
Courthouse in Narita-e (2009) by Jun Murata Architects located in Tokyo, Japan.
2009 Tokyo Metropolitan R / C Building 2F Floor area: 189.23㎡ Construction area: 94.11 m² Total floor area: 133.31 m²
A courtyard with a courtyard and a garden including cherry blossoms, and a garden with two centers of gravity.
In the rebuilt of about 50 years old house, there was a garden that got a little-weathered appearance and harmony of Japanese.
I have chosen cherry blossoms out of them.
Also, I have drawn ‘feelings’ engraved over the years and studied existing things around here.
I am watching from the front road in the south. The approach which doubles as a parking space is the entrance.
The second floor was a roof garden facing the study, and we planned that the green would spill out into the town from the opening where you can enjoy the double cherry blossoms of the neighboring house.



In the roof garden, there is a wire and a pergola that becomes a wisteria trellis is established.
Open the door and enter the entrance hall, you can see the small courtyard planting Ilohomomidji in front.
It is a space filled with concrete banishing walls and the texture of the floor and window trees.


When entering the entrance, you can see the courtyard. The main tree is a standing stock of Yamaiboshi.
One of the features of the courthouse is that space connects horizontally around the courtyard,

Three-dimensional spreading is added by this entrance hall of Kurobashi.


Aesthetically and Geographically Related Projects:




Mejiro House (2004) by MDS Architectural Studio

Mejiro House (2004) by MDS Architectural Studio

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Mejiro House (2004) by MDS Architectural Studio located in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan | The Hardt


Mejiro House (2004) by MDS Architectural Studio located in Toshima-ku, Tokyo, Japan. Residential areas in densely populated downtown Tokyo tend to be claustrophobic and closed off, with individual plots surrounded by high walls to ensure privacy, and a concerted effort to avoid having windows facing the road. Ideally, though, aren’t houses supposed to maintain a certain openness with regard to the surrounding neighborhood while protecting the privacy of their inhabitants and admitting light and air into their interior? For this project, the first thing we did was to position the living room – often regarded as the part of the house that requires the most light – in the basement, which is normally considered to be an especially tricky area to ensure adequate sunlight exposure in.




A stairwell leading to the first floor above this basement was then installed. Although this stairwell adjoins a dry area that faces the road outside, a landscaped greenbelt along the dry area positioned roughly at shoulder height helps to ensure a sense of privacy from passers-by. The result is a pleasant underground space that is both brightly lit and well ventilated. The first story, which features one entrance for each of the two private lanes leading up to the house, is laid out like a gallery space that encircles the stairwell leading up from the basement. Thanks to the configuration of the exterior, a sense of openness to the exterior extend throughout the entire first floor, which is continuous with the urban streetscape outside (and from which one can catch a glimpse of both the exterior and interior of the house).




In addition to functioning as an entrance, this open plan first floor is also a point of connection to the private family zone in the basement and the intimate private area on the upper floor.” Although construction fees for the basement were high, the proactive use of this underground space proved to be extremely effective in the context of Tokyo’s high land prices. The angle and intensity of the sunlight that enters through the skylight at the top of the staircase and dry area changes according to the season, time of day, and weather, reaching as far down as the basement level. The result is a basement space located within a dense residential area that still manages to be open and comfortable.”





Aesthetically and Geographically Related Projects:



2 Courts House (2008) by Keiji Ashizawa Design

2 Courts House (2008) by Keiji Ashizawa Design

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Located in Tokyo, Japan, 2 Courts House (2008) by Keiji Ashizawa Design | The Hardt


Located in Tokyo, Japan, 2 Courts House (2008) by Keiji Ashizawa Design. The project is constructed in typical Tokyo urban condition of the closely built surrounding. The 4 story house resolves privacy and light with the design of 2 cascading courtyards which spills gradual light into the innermost volume of the house. Due to the differing light intensity from the 2 courtyards, each space also differs in character and function.




© Daici Ano


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